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Re: Petition Of NRPG

Post  Vretyel on Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:42 pm

You know what disappoints me? You people keep on coming at me with the same points. I have apologized to Viper about stating my statement towards him in the manner I did. It was impolite and I made myself look superior. In that single fact, I have no one to support me as it was all my fault.
That is the most recent comment that I have seen from you Azaiyo, and as you stated about having work to do, “We People” have other things to do as well.
It is not just in that single fact Azaiyo, even in this post you try to discretely affirm your superiority over me.

Secondly, I don't have a huge character on NRPG. I have no idea where this came from. Everyone with a character is huge as they all fill the puzzle of this game.

Actually you do Azayio. This sounds like an attempt to say that if your character dies then it is the same as if Ayama died, or Died, or Shimada died. You flaunt yourself as the Deputy Kazekage over and over again in each of your topics. If one of us three die (Shimada, Ayama, me , Etc.) it is not really a big deal, sure it may affect some people, but not the entire site. If me and shimada go into a fight to the death, oh well, a mod comes in here possibly to dispute some claims, and then the one character dies. Sure it may be sad, but really nothing big just happened, just another Genin/Jounin character died. Now, you Ayaiyo, The Sannin of the Sand, The deputy Kazekage, member of the Silver Covenant, proud wielder of The Eternal Kyūkei o Seigen, etc. (Which that in yourself makes you/seem superior) That is a big deal, you can't honestly say that Ayama and Azaiyo are of the same importance on the site. If we go with this puzzle then you could be a bigger piece than most other people on the site.

Additionally, I do not command, I advise and/or support. I encourage people to devote themselves to the good things in life as everyone should, a mere speech if you may (Note that most of this is aimed at Vretyel, not in a 'pelting' way). Although this is still not right, and I do take blame for it, I was still acting reflective as I did indeed want to show you the possible impacts you can have on people when you say things, Vretyel.
I did not say that you command people, not once have I said that you command people, I stated that you are “pushy” to the point of being a bully. Commanding sounds as though I think you are some General leading an army of men, commanding….. it is a very superior word in itself.

Going further into the 'gifted' matter. I did that as a representation of my anger. I naturally hate having my words taken as making no sense whilst being a 22 year old 'man'. I know there are people in this world that simply scan through the words you write to make assumptions, and I'm fine with that. The matter is, I like to interpret my statements in many ways, trying to let my feelings out there. Therefore, it can be difficult at times (with the exception of having to write professionally when it comes to much more important matters). I love to see the intelligence of others as I can learn from it and make comparisons. I never mean to make myself look superior. I have a Master's degree, Majors in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Psychology and Finance. This only makes me fortunate in my own body and blood, nothing more.

So many examples of how you make yourself look superior, even if you say that it is “your own body and blood.” You did not have to go as far as to be like I have 7 majors and Masters…. You make it seem as though (in my interpretation) that you feel superior.
“I know there are people in this world that simply scan through the words you write to make assumptions, and I'm fine with that. The matter is, I like to interpret my statements in many ways, trying to let my feelings out there.”
I don’t think I need to explain this out too much, I like to interpret my statements in many ways as well. I analyze and go over everything you and everyone writes, looking to see if the statement is valid, and I would also assume that many other people on the site do the same thing as well.

Lastly, don't leave because of this or any reason because of the staff, if you character dies then make a new one, and if you believe that your character is not a huge character on the site then making a new character shouldn't be a problem.


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Re: Petition Of NRPG

Post  Bee X on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:10 am

Are we all done here?

Bee X

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